Digital tombstone – a story that calls for eternity

Why would anyone want a digital tombstone instead of a classic?

Because you can put on it whatever you want. Just let your imagination run wild and you will see that only the sky is the limit.

People have always wanted to perpetuate or simply to preserve the memory of themselves and of their achievements for generations to come. Through time, the records about people and their achievements are preserved on various cemeteries. They are almost exclusively the records which represented the culmination of the technology of the time. Just consider the Egyptian pyramids and their walls inscribed with hieroglyphics which have for thousands years retained data on people who have long since become dust and ashes.


Today, tombstones are mostly just lists of the deceased people: name, years of birth and death, and only here and there the occupation of the deceased. But people are much more than that with their stories, interesting lives, children and other achievements. We want to know more than just their name. Today’s digital era makes that possible. Digital tombstone is a result of modern technological development which enables that we take care of the memory we would like to leave for future generations. We might only use a selection of images, dedication or give a list of our achievements. We can tell our descendants whatever we want to. We can write the story of our life; we can add a will or even conduct our own funeral instead of a priest. Our descendants may be advised to live as we lived or not to repeat our mistakes. Remember; just let your imagination run wild …

Digital tombstone – a story that calls for eternity
Today’s inscriptions on tombstones are very short; they do not tell us more than just basic information about the deceased or his family. Usually, only the name and two dates remain after your death, but now you have the opportunity to escape from such anonymity. Modern, digital age has brought many new opportunities, both in life and after death, although it may sound a bit strange.
Modern technologies enable’s digital tombstones which can be of any shape. Already at the time of your life, you can put on the tombstone a lot more information about your life, work, hobbies, happy moments and sad events; so that your descendants or just passers-by at the cemetery can get to know you better.
In digital age, the tombstone is no longer just a head of the grave, holder of the name or an image of the deceased; digital tombstone is no longer just an extended memory of the deceased. It becomes a story of the deceased and calls for eternity.