Interactive Audio and Talking Displays for learning about the Past

In the era of digitalization, a tourist offer also has to adapt to new trends. For example, digital information boards have long been a part of our daily lives at airports, railway and bus terminals, banks, etc. A team of experts in technical, historical and tourist areas joined forces and developed a modern approach in tourist offer; in particular for small and medium-sized cities.

With this system we provide for the presentation of history of the cities and their monuments in a completely new and modern way which is aimed for both the elderly, traditionally conservative population as well as for the younger, technologically innovative population.

And how does it function? Next to all important cultural and historical monuments in the city digital tourist information displays are set; they in a new, modern and above all interesting way present the monument itself as well as its importance and role in the city history. Thus, interactive audio and talking display in two, three or even more different languages tells a story about »itself« (the monument).

By setting digital displays we achieve:
– introduction of new technology in the tourist offer. It will help towns to tell their interesting stories from the past and to attract critical mass of tourists to start up tourism.
– learning about the past of the places we live in and of those we visit as tourists. Thus, the interest of our own as well as the wider past will be stimulated.